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Strawberry Fair - National Field Day 2010

The AHARS station: On the microphone Patrick (VK5FMPJ), with Alan (VK5AR).
Background: Left to right: Kim (VK5FNET), John (VK5TD), Barry (VK5BW), and Wolf (VK5HWL) at far right.
Non-licensed operator at the microphone, assisted by Patrick and Wolf
VK5PAT disguised as a dog, advertising Amateur Radio
John (VK5EMI) with local Member of Parliament Iain Evans
Alan (VK5AR) sitting, Leslie (VK5LOL) standing and John (VK5EMI) kneeling Alan (VK5AR) and Lesley (VK5LOL)
Barry (VK5BW) John  and Wolf
Barry,  Geoff (VK5TAW) and Kim