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 Useful Links - Reference (if you think of another link email the webmaster)

Eimac Use of triode connected tetrodes as grounded grid amplifiers
Silver Mica Capacitors The RF properties of Silver Mica / SM capacitors
Electrolytic Capacitors Information/tutorial sheet from Philips on the subject of Electrolytic Capacitors
ACMA - Interference List of links to ACMA pages regarding interference.
Valve Bank Many hard to get valves are available from Graham Dicker's valve bank. This is a free service to financial AHARS members
Callsign Lookup VK Look up callsigns in Australia (ACMA)
Callsign Lookup Intl. Look up international callsign (QRZ)
Valve Reference Vacuum Tube online reference books (courtesy Leigh VK5KLT)
CCD Antennas Controlled Current Distribution full wave dipoles (have a look)  (courtesy Leigh VK5KLT)
Repeaters Repeater data (WIA)
Beacons Beacon Data (WIA)
D-Star D- Star in Australia
Hackaday Lots of info on equipment modifications
HPSDR High Performance Software Defined Radio
VKHam Lots of amateur radio info for Australia. Includes VKHam classified adverts.
Wiki: VK Callsigns Austrlian Callsigns ( a description). To check callsigns click here
Build a Desk Mike Hank Prunckun VK5JAZ (VK5NCA)
VK5RSC 10m FM Repeater (old website)
Ham Radio Secrets US Site
APRS in Adelaide APRS: Automatic Position Reporting System
VK5 Hybrid Radio Group Site dedicated to maintaining hybrid (valves/transistors) Ham Tranceivers
CW QRP CW Operators QRP Club
Transmitter Valves Listing of most transmitter type electron tubes and hard to find Data Sheets. This is a very comprehensive list
CV Tube Listings CV tube listings (rugged versions made for military and govt service)