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 Useful Links -Clubs and Organisations (if you think of another link email the webmaster)

Echolink System to link radio amateurs to repeaters , other hams, using the internet.
ALARA Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association, an organisation for YLs
YL International Meet 2012 This is being held in Adelaide from May 3-7th 2012 with an optional trip to Darwin on the Ghan railway.
WIA Wireless Institute of Australia
ACMA Australian Communications and Media Authority
AREG Amateur Radio Experimenters Group
Project Horus Amateur high altitude balloons over Adelaide
Wicen Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network in SA.
Jota Jamboree on the Air (Scouts)
Radio Clubs SA Radio clubs in South Australia (WIA Listing)
AMSAT Radio Amateur Satellites
ARRL American Radio Relay League
RSGB Radio Society of Great Brittain
Amateur Radio Astronomy SA A special interest group of ASSA (Astronomical Society Of SA)
HRSASA Historical Radio Society of Australia, South Australian Group