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JST Antenna Analyser Kit 

Inventory: Kits are in stock and ready for dispatch

JST Analyser Front Panel
Page information sourced from Jim Tregellas VK5JST's Website. (Thanks Jim!)

*KITS* (Includes postage)
Australian Buyers $130.00
International Buyers $145.00

Please note that the kit price has been lowered in line with reduced costs. AHARS Inc policy is to keep the price as low as possible depending on costs. The kit price is therefore subject to change in the future.

*Click FAQs for Frequently Asked Questions*

*PAYMENT TYPES* (Overseas buyers, please use PayPal ONLY.)

1. PayPal -

Analyser Kits A$130.00 (for Australian Buyers)
Analyser Kits + Track and Trace A$133.20 (for Australian Buyers)

Analyser Kits A$145.00 (for International Buyers)
Analyser Kits + Track and Trace A$151.00 (for International Buyers from USA, UK and NZ only). Not available to other countries


2. Posting Cheque or Money Order - Download an Order Form and send (Australian residents only) to:

        AHARS Inc.
        PO Box 401
        Blackwood S.A. 5051

3. Direct Bank Deposit  (Bank details) (Australian Residents only)
Email Name, Callsign, Postal Address & EFT information Number to


Track and trace is available though Australia Post's Express Courier International. See Australia Post Link

Please note that we send kits using standard airmail which means that the kit is sent uninsured, and that the risk is completely with the buyer.


We attempt to dispatch purchased kits within 3 working days after comfirmation of receiving payment in full or in the case of cheques once the cheque has been cleared.


If you require further information, please email AHARS Inc at before making any payment.

All extra information (including Specs and Files), can be found at the Website of Jim VK5JST.


This kit is of an Advanced standard and assembly requires good soldering and hand skills.

The club takes NO responsibility with problems associated with construction, but will provide reasonable assistance to the purchaser to get the kit operational . However, the purchaser should keep clearly in mind that this is a volunteer organisation with limited resources, and that politeness in correspondence is much appreciated.
As the technical article makes clear, access to an oscilloscope is highly desirable but not strictly mandatory.