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Mike Underhill's talk to the Adelaide Amateur Radio fraternity in 2013 was titled :  Impossible Antennas and Impossible Propagation! The papers and discussions below make interesting and educational reading.

Aerials not Antennas by Andy Choraffa G3PKW (pdf). This an excellent educational tutorial paper on antenna theory with an underlying practical physics twist of how and why aerials work.
2013 Impossible Antennas and Impossible Propagation! by Mike Underhill G3LHZ.  Download the Powerpoint Slides here
  Tuneable Coupled (Multi-) Mode Small Antennas by Prof Mike Underhill G3LHZ (presented at the RSGB Convention October 2010)
  VK4AMZ Mike Zingelmann's website showcases an exemplary STL (small transmitting loop) homebrew antenna inlcuding design and construction
2008 presentation by Professor Mike Underhill, G3LHZ.
February 2008 and more
Lecture and papers

  Paper by Leigh Turner VK5KLT
The Underestimated Magnetic Loop HF Antenna (pdf)

Updated 27/11/2010
  Discussions/forum: Leigh (VK5KLT) and Lloyd (VK5BR).
9/09/2008  543 Kb   32 pages
  Conclusions to the long discussions between Leigh and Lloyd.
13/09/2008   20 Kb

Leigh's paper on the concluding correspondence between himself and Lloyd.
Note - Leigh's final comment on the discussions is at the top of the file.

  Leigh’s Wrap-up Conclusions
3/10/2008   55 Kb