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Construction Night: Gizzmo1


November 15, 2007.

Members were given a project to construct: the Gizzmo 1.

According to its designer (Graham Dicker, VK5ZFZ), the Gizzmo1 ©  produces:
 1. Two x the dc voltage input + (1 x negative), ideal to power op amps or produce higher output voltages than normally available
2. second use is as an inductance bridge to measure inductance from 2-200 henries
3. a variable frequency squarewave generator from 10Hz-1500 Hz for testing purposes.
4. fourth use to drive a 2n3055 and reverse connected transformer as a 12v DC to 240v ac inverter for portable use.
5. plus many more ideas that people will come up with.

Many thanks to:
 Graham for running the project, creating 65 complete kits, with circuit diagrams, and providing help and explanations to club members as their constructions progressed.
 Also thanks to Terry Knowles, of Force Electronics at Holden Hill, who made up the PCB's.

(Click on any photo for an enlargement.)

Jeanne  with her completed and working Gizzmo. One of the four circuit diagrams provided by Graham.

Jeanne, with help from  Keith (the third hand), putting the finishing touches to the project. Typical workstation.

The use of a desk lamp is most helpful, especially in our meeting hall.
Most members also brought their own power boards, soldering gear, and tools.

Many thanks to Christine, VK5CTY, for the above photos.
Old hand Rob, (VK5RG) at his station. Some say that all hams look much alike.....
Peter (VK5APR) and John (VK5EMI).
Leith (VK5QH), another old hand, grappling with the project. Three hopefuls on the job.
Frank  VK5EXT,  and Barry (VK5ZBQ). Graham, (VK5GW), putting the finishing touches to his project.
Lyle (VK5ZNB) and Don, (VK5ADD) puzzling over the complexities of the job. Jeanne (VK5JQ) and Keith (VK5OQ) on the job.
One or two more projects like this and Jeanne will be showing Keith how!
Soldering expert Jim, VK5JST, showing us how to solder a table.  
Many thanks to David (VK5AMK) for these photos.